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Quenya Test Quiz

Quiz time! How good is your Quenya vocabulary?

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This page provides a simple quiz to test and train your knowledge of Quenya vocabulary. You play in rounds: for each round, it will ask you 12 multiple-choice questions (out of a pool of 240 possible questions). The question is either a Quenya word, with the answer being the English translation, or the other way around.

Pick the answer by clicking on it, or by typing the number to the left of it. If you guessed right, it will immediately proceed to the next question; if wrong, it will show you all the translations, and highlight your choice and the correct answer. The answers include a link on the left to the page for that word, in case you want to study it some more (maybe in a separate browser tab). (Note: Some wrong English answers will have no actual Quenya translation, these are so-called distractors.)

If you miss a question during a round, it will not ask you again during the same round, unless you click the “retry on error” checkbox below.

The page will be regenerated with a fresh set of quiz questions periodically; refresh the page to get the new set then. This particular page is number 3 since the last restart of the web server. Quettali does not store any results on the server, so it does not keep score or base questions on previous runs, but while you stay on the same page it will remember which questions in the pool you have answered already.

Since this is not a competition or an exam, but just a study aid, you can “cheat” by typing ‘/’ (slash) to reveal the answers column directly, or typing ‘.’ (period) to just skip a question.

Not all vocabulary items can appear in the quiz. We try to filter out the potentially confusing cases, e.g. where multiple answers could both be valid because the translations happen to overlap.

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