Quenya Resources

On the world-wide web, there are many excellent resources available for those wanting to delve more deeply into the study of Quenya and similar languages. Below are a couple of links to resources that may be helpful.

✵ Tecendil — The great tengwar transcriber, supporting Quenya, Sindarin, and other modes, with many fonts. Perfect for generating banners and inscriptions.

✵ Eldamo — The vast corpus of knowledge about Tolkien’s languages collected by Paul Strack. The majority of quettali’s material stems from this source. For details on Quenya grammar, look here. Serious students of Quenya will end up there for certain.

✵ Elfdict a.k.a. Parf Edhellen — The go-to dictionary for Quenya vocabulary, nicely formatted, detailed, and easy to search.

✵ Real Elvish — Many translations and names in Tolkien’s languages, aimed at being usable by the non-linguist rest of us. Also sells related books.

✵ Glǽmscribe — The well-developed, embeddable Tolkien language transcriber, used by many sites (including quettali, for some fonts) to render tengwar text. If you want to make web content with tengwar text, you will want to look at this.

✵ Amanye Tenceli — A treasure-trove of material (fonts and documentation) on Tolkien’s scripts, by Måns Björkman Berg.

✵ The Vinyë Lambengolmor channel on Discord (requires an invitation). A wonderful interactive forum focused on discussing Tolkien’s lanquages, including Quenya, in deep nitty-gritty linguistic detail. The source of many elements of quettali.

✵ Neo-Quenya Grammar Summary by Shihali — A nice compact overview of (Neo-)Quenya grammar.

✵ Omentielva Nertëa — The International Conference on J.R.R. Tolkien's Invented Languages, organised by @Beregond (Anders Stenström), which had its 9th iteration August 4-7 in 2022 in Poland.

✵ Science and fiction — Thorsten Renk’s personal page with much Tolkien-related material.


There are several documents available online intended for use as self-study Quenya courses.

✵ Atanquesta — Tamas Ferencz’s popular Neo-Quenya primer course, regularly updated. Some of the sample Quenya text in quettali comes from there.

✵ Notessi Quenyassë — Orondil’s new Quenya numbers deck in Memrise.

✵ Eldamo introductory Quenya — Paul Strack’s new Quenya course, under active development.


Here are a few larger past or ongoing translations projects, aiming to extend the amount of reading material available for the student of (Neo-)Quenya. These generally target material in the public domain (out of copyright), to avoid legal issues and costs, and do not charge for the results, to avoid tussles with Tolkien’s estate.

✵ NQNT — Helge’s project to translate the New Testament into Neo-Quenya.

✵ Tenguesta Ngoldorinwa — Raccoon’s project to translate Alice in Wonderland into Neo-Quenya. Includes an extensive wiki with original linguistic analysis of Quenya grammar.

✵ G+ LoME Archive — An archive of Tamas Ferencz’s Google+ community “Languages of Middle-Earth” 2012-2018.

✵ Top-1000 — Atwe’s project to translate the English top-1000 words to Quenya.

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